Village Spring Clean-Up 2019

A dry Saturday morning greeted the group of 20+ volunteers who turned up at the Hare & Hounds for coffee and biscuits courtesy of Adrian and Ann-Marie before tackling a range of tasks around the village.

The team were sporting special logo Spring-Clean high-viz jackets supplied by Farnham In Bloom, looking very smart and enhancing their safety.

Arrangements had been made with Waverley for their contractor, Glendale, to cut the grass at Hallifax Gardens just ahead of our session and to our great surprise when they mowed the grass on Friday they also cut the edges for the first time, progress indeed. Not having to do this ourselves allowed us to concentrate on the surrounding beds. The shrubs planted six months ago in the rear left corner are doing well and we prepared other areas for planting during the coming weeks. A large amount of waste was removed from the rear bed but there is still much to do there and we will seek Waverley’s involvement. Also the Farnham in Bloom flower beds next to the bus shelter were tidied up after their recent spring planting, what a difference straight edges make! The bed beneath the hedge opposite the Co-op which was planted with ground cover six months ago was weeded and is now looking very look right as you leave the Co-op and watch how the plants fill out.

Other team members were picking litter in the Recreation Ground and clearing the grass verge along Fullers Road of dead leaves, fallen branches, finishing the job with a lawn mower as this is not (yet !) within Glendale’s scope. A huge amount of leaves were removed from beneath the hedge on the corner of High Street and Fullers Road revealing missing pavement and showing how much the hedge is overhanging the road, a first step in improving visibility at this corner and improving safety at the crossing.

The morning included a few firsts for the team; two new wooden posts were installed on the corner of Hallifax Gardens to replace the one knocked down a few weeks ago, the litter pick in the Recreation Road recovered a Sainsbury’s trolley and a tree that had fallen and completely blocked Bell Lane a few days earlier was cleared and the path re-opened.

By noon the the pile of full bags of waste indicated how much had been achieved around the village in just 90 minutes. Glendale removed all of this waste - including the trolley! - first thing on Monday morning, leaving Halifax Gardens looking better than ever.

A number of helpers then retired to The Hare and Hounds to put the world to right over a sandwich and a drink.

There will be plenty to do in six months time, so do join us for the next Autumn Clean on Saturday 2 November.