Village Autumn CleanUp 2017

Despite morning rain on Saturday 4 November - the first for over a week! - we had the largest turnout ever in our six year history. 45 adults and over a dozen brownies, rainbows and guides turned up, allowing us to tackle a wider than usual range of tasks. Once again Adrian & Ann Marie provided coffee for everyone before we broke up into groups to split up around the village. It was amazing what can be achieved in 90 minutes, the evidence being the pile of waste bags at the end of the session.

One group set to gardening in Hallifax Gardens, collecting leaves, tidying up after work of removing dead trees undertaken by Waverley’s contractor Glendale two days earlier. They also stripped out the centre bed which was becoming overgrown and completely replanted it, a huge task. The new flower bed alongside the hedge which was created last year and planted by the WI received a makeover from one of their members the day before the CleanUp.

The triangular bed in front of the Co-op, which we replanted 12 months ago has thrived now that it is being kept watered. The bed needed trimming as well as weeding and the area around this bed and the phone box was also weeded.

A small team worked their way along the length of School Road clearing weeds that were growing in the gutter and sweeping leaves and weeds from pavements into the gutter for East Hants to clear away on Monday with a specially scheduled sweep of the road. Another team carried out a similar exercise in Recreation Road cleaning beneath the recently cut hedge, although this of course is in Surrey.

Pavement cleaning was also carried out in Lickfolds Road and The Long Road ahead of the Waverley street clean scheduled for the following Wednesday. Waverley’s street cleaning officer visited the village the week before the clean up to understand what we were doing and to ensure that their Veolia operatives try especially hard , particularly along The Avenue where the walking strip has been installed. In turn it was pointed out that parked vehicles in Recreation Road can obstruct the street cleaning vehicle so that it is unable to pass along the street.

The Fullers Road residents team again tackled the long verge outside the entrance to the recreation ground carrying out work beyond Glendale’s scope.

Another team cleared beneath the hedges along both sides of The Avenue, making it possible for the street cleaning vehicle to do a better job of ensuring that verges do not creep over the newly marked footpaths.

The Brownies, now ‘CleanUp’ regulars, set to with their litter pickers filling clear recycling sacks with a varied selection of discarded packaging from around the village particularly on the recreation ground where bonfire night had been held the night before guaranteeing full sacks. Litter was also collected along the length of The High Street for the first time on CleanUp.

Another first was that the team clearing verges opposite the Methodist Hall also graduated into repairing broken pathway and cycleway signs and even a loose road sign was secured.

The final two groups tackled the area around the Village Hall collecting a large amount of green waste and also cleared gutters and also cleared the ditch on both sides of The Long Road from the Village Hall to Frensham Heights.

All of the waste sacks were collected in Hallifax Gardens where Glendale collected them on Monday morning.

A dozen helpers stayed on afterwards for a drink and snack in the Hare & Hounds bringing the morning to a most enjoyable conclusion.

The next CleanUp will be in the spring and anyone wishing to join in for the first time should contact Phil Thomas on 01252 793802 or