Autumn Clean-Up 2016

The combination of a favourable weather forecast and good weather on the day led to the largest turn out ever as the six monthly clean ups entered their fifth year. Nearly 40 people joined in despite apologies from several of our regular helpers. Once again Adrian & Ann Marie provided coffee for everyone before we broke up into groups to tackle different projects around the village.
Susie's team set to gardening around Hallifax Gardens concentrating on sharp edges to the grass to finish off the cut carried out by Waverley's contractor Glendale two days earlier. A new flower bed was created alongside the hedge which is now kept immaculate by volunteers and the W.I. planted this bed up with daffodils in celebration of their centenary. Plans are now being made to replace the fourth bench, originally donated by WI, that was removed a few months ago as it was beyond repair. The shrubs we planted three years ago along the back of Hallifax Gardens are now mature as is the circular bed and the whole area is now looking most welcoming.
The triangular bed which we planted 18 months ago beneath the tree outside of the Co-op, has suffered from lack of watering and some of the plants had died and so these were removed and a range of new plants were added. Co-op staff joined in clearing the area around the shop and phone box and will now keep the flower bed regularly watered.
A small team, including the new Vicar, worked their way along the length of School Road clearing weeds that were growing in the gutter and sweeping leaves and weeds from pavements into the gutter for East Hants to clear away on Monday with a specially scheduled sweep of the road.
Similar gutter cleaning was also carried out in Lickfolds Road and The Long Road and Waverley's street cleaning officer visited the village the day before the clean up to understand what we were doing and to ensure that their Veolia operatives try especially hard in support, particularly along The Avenue where the walking strip has been installed.
The Fullers Road residents team again tackled the long verge outside the entrance to the recreation ground carrying out work beyond Glendale's scope and additionally Alex led a team to clear the creeping verges from beneath the hedges along both sides of The Avenue. The walking strip was already getting narrower but has now been returned to its full width.
The Brownies, now 'Clean Up' regulars, set to with their litter pickers filling clear recycling sacks with a varied selection of discarded packaging from around the village particularly on the recreation ground and the Cubs also joined in for the first time concentrating on the surrounds of the Village Hall.
All of the green waste collected was moved to Hallifax Gardens where Glendale collected it first thing on Monday morning. About a dozen helpers stayed on afterwards for a drink and snack in the Hare & Hounds bringing the morning to a most enjoyable conclusion.
The next Clean Up will be in the spring and anyone wishing to join in for the first time should contact Phil Thomas on 01252 793802 or