The Rudes Fly High with Ikarus

Another smash hit from The Rudes...’best yet’ say regulars. On Thursday 20 June, the Rude Mechanical Theatre Company made their sixth annual appearance in Rowledge, again at Cherryfields , thanks to the generosity of Ian Carter.

This year is the 21st year of touring by The Rudes and the play, Ikarus, was once again written by their producer Peter Talbot, whose son Rowan now leads the troupe. The show was performed by a cast of 7, which included 2 of last year’s team. As usual the format was a picnic first followed by the show starting at 7.30 and thankfully the evening was dry again.

After last year’s full house of 190 people was thought to be a little too crowded, we limited the numbers this year to just 175 and sold out a couple of weeks before the show. Ikarus featured the usual, wonderful costumes and rapid changes and of course The Rudes humour but this year the music was more prominent. Again audience interaction, proved very popular and most veterans of the previous shows voted this the best so far. Very flatteringly the Rudes voted Rowledge the best audience of their 14 so far this year.

After the show The Rudes adjourned to the Hare & Hounds to meet villagers who had offered overnight accommodation before setting off the next day for the 15th of their 53 nights playing in local communities.

It is very difficult to describe The Rudes shows and the pictures do a better job than words can, however, the only way to understand what all the fuss is about is to see a performance for yourself, most people come again the following year.

Hopefully Rowledge will be once again be included in The Rudes 2020 tour, don’t miss the chance to see them, save the date when it is announced.