Guidance Notes

Guidance Note for Planning Applications

We publish on this page weekly lists of new planning applications that have been submitted affecting Rowledge. Rowledge falls partly in Waverley and partly in East Hants so some applications will have been made to Waverley ( and some will have been made to East Hants ( The plans and other documents for each application can be viewed online via the relevant Council's website or, in the case of applications to Waverley, at the Council's locality office in Farnham (see further below).

If you want, you can submit a comment to the relevant Council either supporting an application, objecting to it or simply making a general observation. These comments can be submitted electronically via a link from the relevant planning application on the Council's website or by writing to the case officer at the Council's main offices. Please remember to quote the application reference number in any correspondence. It is important that your comments make reference to valid planning points rather than simply your personal views. There are deadlines for submitting comments. These are published for each application on the relevant Council's website and you should observe the deadline if you want your comment to be taken into account.

Waverley's locality office in Farnham is located in South Street at the offices of Farnham Town Council. The opening hours are 9.00 - 5.00 Mon to Fri. You just turn up (no appointment needed), tell one of the receptionists that you want to view the papers for a planning application and give her the application reference number. She will give you the papers and there is some seating available across the corridor from reception where you can sit down and have a look through. The receptionists can make black and white photocopies of any papers that you want to take away. There is a small charge for this photocopying service.