June 2016

Planning Applications - June 2016

Council Ref No.Last Date to Submit CommentsAddress
Description of Proposed Development
WA/2016/102001/07/2016Elm Villa, Manley Bridge Road, Rowledge, GU10 4DA.Erection of an outbuilding together with walling, gates and piers.
WA/2016/112722/07/2016Land between 26 and 28 on west side of Gardeners Hill Road, Lower Bourne, GU10 3HZ.Erection of 2 dwellings and associated garages together with formation of new access from Gardeners Hill Road
WA/2016/113515/07/2016Tremarga Cottege, Brown's Walk, Rowledge, GU10 4BE.Erection of extensions and balcony following demolition of existing bay window.
WA/2016/117015/07/2016Upper Lodge, Switchback Lane, Rowledge, GU10 4DS.Erection of extensions and alterations.