Planning Applications - January 2014

Council Ref No.Last Date to Submit CommentsAddress
Description of Proposed Development
WA/2014/00265/2/2014Hazelbank House, 14 Lickfolds Road, Rowledge, GU10 4AFErection of an extension.
TM/2014/000421/2/20141 Fairacres, off Boundstone Road, Rowledge, GU10 4AQApplication for works to a tree subject of Tree Preservation Order 11/10
WA/2014/006121/2/201410 Cherry Tree Road, Rowledge, GU10 4ABErection of a conservatory.
WA/2014/011828/2/2014More House School, Moons Hill, Frensham, GU10 3AWErection of a single storey building to form common room.
WA/2014/012428/2/2014Land at Baker Oates Stables, Gardeners Hill Road, Farnham, GU10 4RLChange of use and erection of a 20metre telecommunication mast with antennae, dish and associated equipment cabinets with ancillary works.
WA/2014/013428/2/2014The Old Orchard, Chapel Road,Farnham, GU10 4AEErection of extensions and alterations following demolition of extensions.
WA/2014/015728/2/201422A Lickfolds Road, Rowledge, GU10 4AEErection of a single-storey extension.
WA/2014/015928/2/201451A Boundstone Road, Rowledge, GU10 4ATAlterations to garage to provide habitable accommodation.