January 2012

Planning Applications - January 2012


Description of Proposed Development
Action Taken by RRA
Outcome if Objection Lodged by RRA


Appeal against Waverley’s refusal to grant permission for a falconry centre with incubator/educational block, office/accommodation block and aviaries

Additional grounds of objection supplied to Planning Inspectorate by letter dated 14 Nov 11. Informal appeal hearing held on 4 Jan 12.
Appeal refused. Waverley is now taking enforcement action for removal of the mobile home, hard-standing & other works

24 Lickfolds Rd
Erection of 2 dwellings together with detached garage/store buildings following the demolition of the existing dwelling and associated buildings
Objection lodged: (a) inappropriate infilling in contravention of the design guidelines for Rowledge set out in the Farnham Design Statement; (b) loss of amenity and privacy to Ashley House, Boundary Road; (c) poor design (additional large 5-bed, 5-bath homes not needed in Rowledge)

Permission granted
Rockwood Lodge, Rosemary Lane
Erection of a single detached garage [follows refusal of a previous application for a double detached garage]

No action deemed necessary
94-96 Boundstone Road
Erection of extensions following demolition of existing extensions (retrospective application for permission)

No action deemed necessary
90-96 Boundstone Road
Certificate of Lawfulness under Section 191 for use of land as residential curtilage

No action deemed necessary on behalf of RRA; this was an application for a certificate of lawful use so the Council was seeking only factual information and was not required to undertake a consideration of planning matters.

18 Chapel Road
Erection of garage and habitable room following demolition of existing garage
No action deemed necessary
7 Rosemary Lane

Single storey extension
No action deemed necessary

(following invalid WA2011/0913)

22A Lickfolds Road
Erection of fence (retrospective application for permission)
No action deemed necessary as we had not raised any objection to the prior (invalid) application

5 Fair Valley Lodge, Rosemary Lane

Erection of single storey extension and alterations
No action deemed necessary
Yellow Rose Cottage, 2A Prospect Road

Erection of a conservatory
No action deemed necessary
24 Meadow Way, Rowledge, GU10 4DY

Erection of single storey rear extension

No action deemed necessary
90-96 Boundstone Road, Farnham, GU10 4AU

Erection of 2 detached dwellings, garages and associated works (revision of WA/2011/1228)
Objection lodged in December on grounds of: (a) detrimental effect on the street scene and, therefore, the characteristic semi-rural appearance of the area; (b) undesirable garden-grabbing; (c) cramped undesirable form of development; (d) lack of regard to sustainability (insufficient garden to be retained with each of the terraced cottages and impact on wildlife): (e) loss of amenity to neighbour in adjacent terraced cottage; (f) poor design; and (g) inadequate parking giving rise to highway safety issues. Revised plans submitted by developer in early March. Further objection lodged by RRA as revisions to scheme did not overcome original objections.

The target decision date was 10 January but no decision has yet been made. Application will apparently go to committee in April for a decision by elected councillors.
29 High Street, Rowledge, GU10 4BT

Erection of extensions and alterations
No action deemed necessary
Hazelbank House, 14 Lickfolds Road,
Application under Section 73 to vary Condition 2 of WA/2011/0956 (tree protection measures).

No action deemed necessary
10A The Avenue, GU10 4AL
Retrospective application for permission to erect a shed forwards of the front elevation of the house (shed to be used as a music room according to neighbour)
Observation submitted drawing attention to fact that WBC’s published guidance generally says outbuildings will not be permitted forwards of the front elevation of the dwelling and noting unsympathetic colour of structure

Permission granted
8 Lickfolds Road, GU10 4AF
Application for a new permission to replace extant permission 2009/0085 (extensions and alterations)

No action deemed necessary since we did not object to the 2009 application and nor did anyone else