April 2012

Planning Applications - April 2012

April 2012 (last updated 30 April)

Council Ref No
Last Date to Submit Comments
Description of Proposed Development
East Hants
Ref: 22520/007
9 May 2012
Poppy Briar, Fullers Road,
GU10 4DE
Front porch, detached garage and single storey extension to rear following demolition of porch, garage and conservatory
Waverley Ref:
25 May 2012
6 Fullers Road, GU10 4BP
Erection of a conservatory
Waverley Ref:
25 May 2012
2A Yellow Rose Cottage, Prospect Road
Erection of two storey extension following demolition of existing garage
Waverley Ref:
25 May 2012
Land at Cherryfields Cottage, Fullers Road, GU10 4DF
Erection of two dwellings
Waverley Ref:
25 May 2012
Land to the rear of 90-96 Boundstone Road
Erection of two dwellings and separate garages
Waverley Ref:
1 June 2012
114 Boundstone Road, GU10 4AU
Erection of single storey extension and porch